HumanConsult doesn't saddle clients with just another pack of newly minted bill-by-the-hour MBAs. And while some of us are actually professors to those MBAs, what matters most is our decades of actual experience and real success in legacy organizations and startups alike. We have put our own well-known businesses through reorganizations, repositionings and rebrandings. We have come out on top.
We know the uncertainty of disruption and down markets and the toll they can take on management looking for a brighter future. Likewise, we know what it is to have that first-to-market idea but an unclear path forward. We learned the hard way. Which is the best way. And by asking, "What if?"we not only made it through, we triumphed. That intense curiosity and real-world struggle, the desire to try anything to succeed, has given us the experience to now give you the advice and tools you need for your own success. 


From asking “What if?” to sorting through the answers and  finding the opportunity to rewrite the story until every ending is a happy one, we specialize in uncovering the overlooked with a proprietary five-step change management process called Quid Si that has worked in the real world for pre-money startups and 100 million dollar enterprises alike. What's more: it's kinda fun to do

Branding & Positioning

To succeed in today's attention economy, you need differentiation. But more so, you need Brand Purpose. HumanConsult's methodology helps you uncover your purpose and use it as a filter and focus to discard the wrong messages and amplify the right ones for a narrative that resonates with clients, consumers and corporate partners alike

Business Extensions

Martha Stewart was once just a caterer. LeBron James started only by playing  ball. But using their core capabilities, they moved from the kitchen and the court to the center of the culture. You can too. Let us asses your capability and discover where you can go–and how your revenue can grow–when the consumer gives you permission to enter new and lucrative spaces you're meant to occupy

Change Management

Change happens to you or because of you. The former can put you out of business. But the latter, especially when we've worked with you on clear, purposeful plans that engages and empowers people at every staff level, can be transformative. An aligned culture can build operational excellence that opens doors of possibility with a future you only dared dream of 

Digital Transformation

It’s a waste of time to talk about digital transformation. It sounds expensive, it makes people nervous, it calls into question the skill sets on your team. We prefer to think of such work as finding the right tool for the job. That’s all tech is, after all—a tool, just like a hammer. Relative to a rock, the hammer makes the business of driving nails a lot easier. Let’s find the right hammer for your business

Pitch Presentations

With significant experience as entrepreneurs, investors and corporate business leaders, we know the difference between a pitch that sells and one that smells. Whether you need the persuasive case for a new line of business at a legacy company or a first-time investment at a startup, we can create the narrative and financials that’ll motivate the money men—and women--or any other audience you need to woo

eCommerce & Retail Ops

You've heard of Warby Parker, perhaps? There's a formula for their success. And it isn't secretat least not to us. From proprietary inventory management and prediction software to the nuanced marketing a successful eCommerce operation requires, we have a team who can take their experience at brands such as Nike and Bonobos and use it to help you sell out and cash in

Content Marketing

The key to content marketing is storytelling that first provides value to the consumer. This develops trust. Trust leads those consumers to be open to more targeted brand messages. It's a long game, when successful and takes skilled editorial professionals to deliver on that storytelling—the kind of pros who have created content for our most storied media—media like The New York Times, Esquire, People, NBC, PBS and more

Social Strategy & Community Building

Useful, non-transactional communication with consumers via organic social channels can increase the size of your market and decrease traditional marketing costs—a strategy that the HumanConsult team has deployed for brands to achieve returns five times the industry averages. Don't you want to be five times better than your competition? We thought so

Budgeting & P&L Forecasting

With a team of CFO-level wizards who have spent time in the Fortune 500 and private equity world alike, the HumanConsult can reimagine your financials with number that don't lie. From honest, not over-inflated forecasts to cost restructuring the makes sense for the health of the organization as much as it does that quarter's bottom line, we find ways for your numbers to add up to success


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